"I have worked with Rikke for many years and always appreciated her professionalism and fantastic energy in finding the best solution for all partners in a collaboration. Rikke is very skilled at negotiations, contract management and she is not afraid of entering confrontations but is doing so with respect and integrity. She truly understands that if you wish to travel far, you travel together"

Ingrid Sofie Harbo

Vice President, Biometrics

H. Lundbeck A/S

"Having worked with Rikke for many years I can only give my strongest recommandations to let her take responsibily for outsourcing of avtivities within the frame of clinical conduct. She will make sure you find the right partners to the job in question and to the right price and time for execution. It is a difficult balance for smaller companies with a small volume of business"

Birgitte Søgaard

Senior Director, Experimental Medicine

H. Lundbeck A/S

"Rikke is very competent within outsourcing management. She has an excellent understanding of all major aspects of clinical development, which has been critical to the success she has experienced in her outsourcing management role. In addition Rikke is an excellent people manager. I Can only give Rikke my very highest recommendation"

Bjørn Grønning

Vice President, Head of Neurology Clinical Research

H. Lundbeck A/S

"Rikke is extremely competent and experienced within sourcing and governance of clinical studies and programs. She is efficient and sharp and easily understands all aspects and challenges – scientific as well as operational. I see Rikke as a fair negotiator, tough when required but delicately combined with a pleasant way of building and maintaining positive relationships with internal as well as external contacts."

Lisa Hellström

Clinical Program Manager


"I worked with and for Rikke Winther for 16 years and know her to be a considerate and caring manager and a loyal and helpful colleague. She has always provided me with invaluable support and encouragement over the years. She is one of the best speakers and presenters I have ever come across and in my opinion, she would be a valuable addition to any organisation"

Lyn Wolsey Jeppesen

Personal Assistant

H. Lundbeck A/S