Outsourcing Strategies


WIN Outsourcing Consult offers to facilitate the entire process of strategy development and completely customised implementation in full compliance Clients’s desired outcome.

A strategy does not need to be complex, highly aspirational or risky. It should secure a sense of focus in the organisation. A strategic plan for outsourcing activities establishes a direction for Sponsor’s business to take and it will help it sharpen its focus in order to get there. Defining a strategic plan for outsourcing activities early is highly recommended as it allows all stakeholders across functions to plan ahead and have ample time to properly select the best fit CROs/Vendors for the studies in the pipeline.

There is certainly not “one-size-fits all” strategic sourcing model as it will depend on the Sponsor organisation’s internal culture and business philosophies, what level of Vendor Management expertise the Sponsor has already and last but not the least the level of inhouse clinical development resources, expertise and technology available. To read more, please visit WIN Outsourcing Consult’s article on Linkedin:

Succeed by using Outsourcing Best Practices in Clinical Development

Development and implementation of outsourcing strategies

  • Internal assessments and analysis of desired outcome cross-functionally
  • Identifying organisational needs and use of a long-term provider

Development of customized outsourcing models

  • Preferred/Exclusive Providers
  • Full Service CRO or Functional Service Providers (FSP)
  • ...or anything inbetween!

Selection of best fit CRO/Vendors and long-term collaboration partners

  • RFI generation, Capability meetings, balanced score card development and Preferred Provider selection
  • Negotiating Master Services Agreement
  • Preferred rates
  • KPIs/Service Level Agreements
  • GDPR
  • HCP compliance